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Why I love every minute of our journey

Former Police K9 Officer turned Dog Trainer & Behaviorist, Michael Peer had found his "calling" when he created dOgbedience (short for Dog Obedience) in 2011. A year and half prior, he had rescued a 4 month old Rottweiler (Rogue) who was battling Addisson's Disease; Rogue became his inspiration in helping other dogs and their families. In no time, he became Michael's Dog Training Assistant as Michael brought him to client's homes with dog to dog aggression issues, where Rogue spoke the language of dogs and interpreted their thoughts for him. Sadly, he passed away from Addison's disease at age 7. Despite Rogue's illness at that time, he powered through in helping Michael thrive in training dogs.

Ofc Michael Peer is a graduate of Police K-9 Dog Training School and was Certified for Narcotics Detection-by the USPCA in 1998. He and his K-9 Police partner, Lazer, received recognition and medals for their outstanding police work. He left the K9 Unit when his K9 partner retired but has continued to work as a Patrol Officer up to this present time. He graduated from Michigan State University with a B.A. Degree from the School of Social Work. Helping people and dogs are his passion in life. He is a member of APDT (Association of Professional Dog Trainers)​.

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No E-Collar, No Prong Collar, and No Choke Collar

Using an e-collar or prong collar as the primary tool to train a dog should never be the default choice of any dog owner. Training dogs using punishment stimuli may be a quick fix but is not the right fix in the long run. I have helped many dogs be released from the confines of E-Collars, Shock and Prong Collars (placed by previous dog trainers). Believe it or not, your old-fashioned collars work just fine. Let's free up your dog from the E-Collar you're using, or the Prong Collar he has on right now...your dog will feel and know the difference and will result in your dog feeling less anxious. 

Leader-Follower Role

Unlike other Dog Trainers who offer a myriad of training classes with various titles that can be confusing to dog owners, my program is simple; it is designed to help shape your dog's obedience and behavior as a whole. I offer a concise program that combines both Obedience Training and Behavior Modification so that my clients can gain the most benefit for their dogs in a short period of time. I teach dog owners how to embody the characteristics of being the Leader and your dog being the Follower. I also incorporate Dog Park Mentoring & Agility Training in my dog training program inorder to help instill in dogs the Leader-Follower relationship between human and dog in a fun way.

Proven Techniques, Proven Results

With my proven techniques, you'll be taught correct posture, positioning, voice inflection, praise and reward. My dog training program is customized to your own personal experience along with your dog's current obedience level--you and your dog can progress at your own pace without limitation unlike that of other programs offered by other trainers which are segmented.


teaching dog owners to provide proper direction and leadership for your dogs

marking and rewarding good dog behavior through praise, affection, play, toys & treats

preventing and interrupting unwanted dog behaviors through proper direction and touch correction to get your dog's attention (if necessary)

replacing unwanted dog behaviors with good behaviors

... I can show you Step-by-Step How to Train Your Dog Effectively

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