What We Can Do To Help

In-Home Training. Training your dog starts at your home and this is why we recommend for you to try our 1.50 Hr In-Home Training where we come to your home and work with everyone in your family, including children (if any). 

After In-Home Training, you have an option to sign up for additional training and purchase a package that suits your budget and needs at a later time. Please check out our Packages here.

Our In-Home Training includes loose leash walking where we will take you and your dog around your neighborhood and address your dog's leash pulling (encouraging your dog to explore with his nose). We'll teach you and your dog the proper heel position to meet someone or something and how to transition back to a loose leash. We'll also go through various training exercises in your home, focusing on your dog's specific behavioral and obedience concerns; such as, mouthing, jumping, barking, potty issues, crate training and more!


$280 for 1.50 hours (1 ​dog)

$400 for 2 hours (2 dogs)

 $400 for 1.50 hrs *Aggression Rate (per dog)


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